What is a Completion?

Project Background and Purpose

“Interaction and collaboration between regulators is increasing on an international scale. Common language and data standards are vital for consistent information reporting, analysis, decision-making, and interpretation. The initiative will improve regulator’s ability to communicate with other regulators, operators, and third party vendors. Data standards will help enable transparent, consistent, and trusted information.

Regulatory data standards will reduce complexity for operators and vendors both nationally and internationally.” [Taken from letter from Jim Ellis at the Alberta Energy Regulator to PPDM dated July 10, 2015]

In 2015, the PPDM Association conducted a stakeholder interview process to identify areas in which industry data standards could benefit both regulators and operators; the outcomes of this survey are contained in a report available on the PPDM Association Website. Three opportunities to better align stakeholders were identified, including semantic ambiguity. Local dialects and poorly defined terminology have long been identified as a challenge to interoperability between all stakeholder groups.

Since 2008, when the “What Is a Well?” project was launched, members of the PPDM Association have benefited from the series of simple illustrations, clearly described and defined concepts, and mappings to regulatory processes that were developed by the collective industry work group. Our members have identified the term “completion” as the next target for this disambiguation process. Initial analysis has found at least six distinctly different uses of this term by operators and regulators.

This work group will apply the “What is a Well?” methodology to disambiguate the term “completion”, and provide supporting materials that can be deployed by industry to help achieve better clarity and communication at all levels and all stages of the life cycle.

High Level Goals and Objectives

The work group will focus on identifying and disambiguating various usages of the term “completion”. Illustrations, examples, terms and definitions will be included in scope. If feasible, regulatory mappings to the content to reflect a point in time capture of the status will be included.

Please review the Project Charter to learn more about this project:

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What is a Completion?

Work Group Charter

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