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All reviewed and accepted abstracts and presentations will be subject to the terms and conditions of our Speaker’s Agreement

“Please note that speakers will be given a 50% discount off the full conference registration fee (Exclusions may apply). Confirmed speakers must register a minimum of a 1 month ahead of the event or risk losing their speaking spot. Unless otherwise requested, presentations are generally 20-25 minutes, with 5 minutes for Q&A at the end.”

For More information about submitting your abstract for a specific event, please visit the event page and review the ‘Call For Abstracts.’ The deadline for most events is approximately three months from the event date. For more information or assistance, please contact events@ppdm.org.

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Presentation Guidelines

Please review our Presentation Guidelines prior to submitting your abstract.
PPDM Association events are designed to inform and educate the energy data management community. An objective, technical presentation that meets the educational needs of the audience will do the best job of enhancing the credibility of the speaker, the speaker's employer, and the PPDM Association. Speakers may include their company name or logo on visual and hand out materials, and the speaker's affiliation will be announced in written materials. Speakers should avoid any appearance of commercialism in their session. As a general guideline, speakers from companies that sell products or services should focus on the business problem that the product or service solves. Speakers from firms selling industry products and services are expected not to focus on their company's products or capabilities during the presentation as there are sponsorship levels that would allow for promotional purposes.

  • Breakout – Interactive – This is a presentation not intended to be in the main/plenary stream, and will feature a heavier interactive nature with the audience such as a workshop. Only available at certain events.
  • Breakout – Traditional – This is a presentation not intended to be in the main/plenary stream, and will be in a common presentation with Q&A at the end style. Only available at certain events.
  • Interactive – 20/20 – This is a presentation that features 20 minutes of presentation followed by 20 minutes of discussion.
  • Interactive – Workshop – This is a presentation that’s intended to be interactive with the audience in a workshop style, such as a group discussion.
  • Interactive – Other – Please specify your intended interactive style in the description section.
  • Panel – This format features several individuals providing their thoughts on a topic, led by a moderator. May or may not include questions from the audience.
  • Short Presentation – A 10 to 15 minute short presentation on a topic.
  • Traditional Presentation – This style features a presentation followed by a short time for questions at the end .
  • Other – Please specify your intended style in the description section.