Non-PPDM Events listed on the PPDM Website


The PPDM Association may choose to participate in “for profit” or “not for profit” conferences and other events or activities where the event is relevant to the PPDM Association and its members. The role of the PPDM Association may include speaking, participating in panel discussions, session chairing etc.

  • PPDM Association policy prohibits financially sponsoring or formally partnering with “for profit” conferences or events.
  • Where a PPDM Association representative will play an active role in a conference, the conference and a link will be listed on the PPDM events site with a description of the role PPDM will play.
  • At the PPDM Association’s sole discretion, conference organizers may be required to sign an agreement that outlines how the organizer may use or reference the PPDM Association, including use of the PPDM Association name and Logo, or what references to the role that the PPDM Association or its representative play in the event are acceptable.
  • The PPDM Association reserves the right to review and approve any content referencing the PPDM Association’s involvement in a conference or event prior to distribution.

The PPDM Association is interested in collaborating with other associations for shared exposure and growth for both organizations. As a part of this strategy, the PPDM Association offers the ability to promote community events of fellow related associations on our website through our Events Calendar. In order to qualify to have your event listed on our website, it must meet the following criteria:

  • The organization holding the event must be not-for-profit
  • The organization holding the event must be in the energy or data management industry, or be appropriate for the PPDM Association membership
  • The event must not conflict with the mission or values of the PPDM Association
  • The event should not conflict with a previously arranged PPDM Association event in that region

To submit your event to be shared on our calendar, please email with the following information:

  • The name of your organization
  • The name of the event
  • The dates and location of the event
  • The link to the event website
  • A brief description of the event
  • The link to the registration page of the event including costs
  • Any benefits our members that we can highlight (ie: discounted rates)
  • A contact name to refer any questions to.

Events can take up to three business days to be uploaded to the page following approval. Events will be left on the website until the event is over, or if the organizer has specified a remove date.
Events listed on the PPDM Association website are subject to management approval and can be removed at any time.