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  • Article Written By Kristy DeMarco, Director of PLM and Vertical Markets for Lyve Mobile Services, Seagate Technology

    Data-intensive workflows at the field level have always presented challenges in the Energy Industry. As data sets collected in the field have grown exponentially, data management challenges have both evolved and compounded. This article will address these pain points and discuss strategies and solutions that should be implemented to ensure data compliance and entitlement and promote ease of accessibility... Read more >

  • Article Written By Arpit Malviya With support from Bridget Mess, John Latham, Jules Perryman, Ian Linsell, and Sandeep Ghosh, Perficient

    A data warehouse, or enterprise data warehouse (EDW), is a system to aggregate your data from multiple sources so it’s easy to access and analyze. Data warehouses typically store large amounts of historical data that can be queried by data engineers and business analysts for business intelligence... Read more >

  • Article Written By Sriram Sundar, Infosys

    There has been a sea change in the dynamics of the energy, utilities, resources, and nuclear power industries since 2020. A series of black swan events have profoundly affected the way the world generates, distributes, stores, and consumes energy... Read more >

  • The Role of Chief Data Manager in Petroleum
    Posted on
    September 23, 2022
    Article Written By The Professional Development Committee

    We’ve observed a lot of buzz lately surrounding a new mandate for Chief Data Managers (CDM)/Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Chief Data Officer (CDO) in the Oil and Gas industry, but do we really understand these roles and the impact they have when integrated with operations and C-Suite decisions to collectively lead a successful digital transformation? Furthermore, do Oil and Gas companies... Read more >

  • What is a Facility
    Posted on
    August 22, 2022
    Article Written By PPDM Association

    The PPDM Association released the new ‘What is a Facility’ (WIAF) Phase one Standard at the end of July 2022. The volunteer work group presented a faceted taxonomy to describe facilities in the global energy industry. Regulatory and ESG reporting requirements vary by facility and the intent is to structure this Standard to include a common language for consistent reporting, analysis, decision-making, and interpretation for operators and external stakeholders. WIAF defines various facilities, along with information on location, business associate, life cycle, business intention, products, equipment and more. This publication incorporated all types of energy production references that will be elaborated further in subsequent versions. The volunteer subject matter experts spent a year building this 22-page Standard. Preceding ‘What is a Facility’ was a feasibility study... Read more >

  • Why Chocolate?
    Posted on
    July 22, 2022
    Article Written By Trudy Curtis, CEO, PPDM Association

    If you have ever attended a PPDM Association conference or expo, you know that everyone gets chocolate. We have chocolate sponsors! Every once in a while, a PPDM newbie asks, “Why did I get chocolate?” Usually, they ask with an expression of befuddled delight. They bounce the chocolate from hand to hand, wondering whether it’s some kind of weird nefariou... Read more >

  • Will we ever get our data right?
    Posted on
    June 22, 2022
    Article Written By Jim Crompton, Professor of Practice, Colorado School of Mines

    I recently broke out of my self-imposed Covid-19 isolation and traveled to a couple of SPE data analytics events, one in Midland and the second one in Houston. While most of the talks were on exciting new analytics techniques (read that as artificial intelligence and machine learning) there was an undertone on data. It was widely acknowledged that the data foundation was still a work in progress. That statement could have been made several decades ago... Read more >

  • Article Written By the PPDM Association

    The PPDM Association Board of Director’s Strategy Committee is pleased to present our new five-year strategic plan at this year’s Houston Expo. Attendees will enjoy both a discussion with PPDM Association Board Members and a more interactive break out session on the afternoon of April 26... Read more >

  • Article Written By Allan (Al) Huber, Chair – Board of Directors, Curley Thomas III, Chair – Strategy Committee, Professional Petroleum Data Management Association

    On behalf of the Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association’s Board of Directors, and the Chair of the Board’s Strategy Committee, I want to bring you a brief progress update on the strategy work we announced to you in November of 2021... Read more >

  • Article Written By Jess Kozman, Katalyst Data Management

    A Data Fit Organization (DFO) is one where:

    • data culture is a ubiquitous part of work, like safety is today,
    • all employees have data competencies and capabilities,
    • all employees demonstrate behaviors that deliver strategic value from data, and
    • data roles and responsibilities are measured and...
    Read more >